Blind Massage

Blind massage shops are common throughout Southeast Asia and provide a much-need form of employment for those who are visually impaired. They go under several names but one common in Cambodia, ‘Seeing Hands’ Massage, describes pretty well the ideal blind massage. The massage practitioner doesn’t need eyes to perform a great massage but can ‘see’ your body with his or her hands.

It’s said that a blind person can often be more capable than sighted people in giving a great massage.┬áSome believe that they are much better at detecting areas of the body in need of attention and are able to receive and transmit energy more efficiently because they are focused on their sense of touch. One thing’s for sure, in some of the poorer countries where there isn’t much social assistance for handicapped people and for sight-impaired person, massage can provide a good living.

The massage will be similar in style to the ‘regular’ local massage but be prepared for a much stronger experience. If you’re in need of a good rubdown after a long day of hiking ruins or streets, maybe this will be the ticket.


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