I am writing from the point-of-view of a single white middle-aged North American male and my preference is for female masseuses. The information in this website is mainly based on my experience with masseuses rather than male masseurs. Undoubtedly, much of the information will apply to masseurs, as well.I freely share my findings but take no responsibility for anything that goes awry! Please be careful out there and use some basic common sense and ‘situational awareness’! It’s a potentially dangerous world out there. That said, stick to the legitimate massage places and in all likelihood, you’ll have memorable and pleasurable experiences.

I occasionally refer to masseuses as ‘girls.’ Some of my friends become incensed when I call anyone over 13 a ‘girl’ and not a ‘woman’ or ‘lady.’ When I say girl, I mean someone of the feminine persuasion and I mean it in the most positive light possible. My aging mother is a ‘girl’ to me!

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