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  1. Found a 6000 kyat ($5 usd) place in Yangon, Myanmar. Maha Bandoola Park (or garden?) Rd at the intersection of Anawratha, one block N of the City Star hotel. NW corner.

    I’m pretty picky about massages, at least western style. Ive had a lot of Shiatsu/Amna in Japan and Thai in Thailand, plus drop-in clothed Tui Na in Washington DC that I like much better.

    Tried it twice. Biggest sign says foot massage, then closer in it says neck, shoulder, foot. I avoid foot massages because I have plantar fasciitis. The first time I was earlier than other customers and said “no foot” and then got a fairly lousy upper body massage-at least when they were overdoing flicking me on the head, and touching the tops of my shoulders. I think they were going up and down meridian lines.

    The second time I explained I wanted legs, just not feet. So I got a decent leg and arm massage but not a lot of upper back attention. That was later in the evening when 4-6 people were being worked on when I came in. So I had a wait that let me relax a little before hand. And maybe the better masseuses had arrived.

    Row of maybe 10 lounge chairs with towels. I had seen something similar in Bangkok.

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