Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, & Herbal Ball

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy combines regular massage with essential oils which are incorporated into the skin during the massage. The aroma may also be transmitted through the air as the scent wafts around you.

Aromatherapy is used to relieve tension, reduce pain and inflammation, and a long list of other benefits.

I don’t usually ‘indulge’ in aromatherapy massage myself because it costs more and the oil used during an oil massage often has a scent already. If you have a favorite aromatherapy oil, you could consider bringing it along and asking the masseuse to use it (you could say that you’re allergic to other oils!)

lady gets aroma oil massage
Soothing aromatic oil massage

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

In Hot Stone Massage Therapy, warmed basalt or other stones are preheated in warm oil, then applied to the body. Hot Stone Massage is a very relaxing and pleasurable sensation. The heat from the stones seems to draw away tension and promote relaxation. It costs more, of course, but every now and then it’s worth the splurge. The stones are fairly expensive, believe it or not!

They are fantastic on a cold day, such as you might encounter in North Vietnam in winter!

hot stone massage
Hot Stone Massage

Herbal Ball Massage

Herbal Ball Massage uses a bundle of herbs tightly wrapped in a balled up cloth with a handle as a grip. The masseuse presses this ball into your skin and muscles and the goodness of the herbs infuses into your body.

herbal ball massage tool
Herbal Ball Massage Tool

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