Staying out of Trouble

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Use common sense!

  • Stay out of seedy parts of town, especially at night
  • Stick with well lit, clean establishments with a professional look
  • Avoid guys on motorcycles who are tell you that they can get you a great massage girl. Get your own!

How to tell the difference between a ‘Naughty’ massage shop and a ‘standard’ massage shop.

If you see any of the following, you’re more likely to be dealing with a ‘Naughty’ massage shop:

  • Younger, attractive ladies, some as young as 18 (hopefully not less!).
  • Advertisements for VIP rooms (private rooms upstairs or in a special place rather than the regular ‘up-front’ and/or downstairs rooms.
  • You don’t see any foot massage going on.
  • Young ladies are dressed up in schoolgirl outfits or other sexy attire
  • Ladies call out aggressively, things like ‘Hey, handsome man. You want me to make you feel good?”

Standard Massage Shops usually have:

  • Older masseuses
  • Ladies dressed up in matching, professional uniforms
  • Lots of chairs downstairs for foot massages
  • Areas with multiple massages going on without lots of privacy

NEVER go with a tuktuk driver or taxi driver who says he’ll take you somewhere to get a massage and similarly, don’t go with girls on the street who want to take you somewhere to give you a ‘massage.’ There are lots of reputable places to go!

For some horror stories on what can happen (in China, at least), do a search for ‘Shanghai Massage Scams’ on ‘’ or ‘’


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